Govt. Degree College Chaubattakhal (Pauri Garhwal) Uttarakhand

Government Degree College Chaubattakhal (Pauri Garhwal) Uttarakhand

राजकीय महाविद्यालय चौबट्टाखाल (पौड़ी गढ़वाल) उत्तराखंड
NAAC Accredited Grade C (CGPA 2.0)

Affiliated to Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University Badshahithol, Tehri (Garhwal)

20th July 2024


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ऋषि बल्लभ सुंदरियाल राजकीय महाविद्यालय चौबट्टाखाल

Right to Education

About College

 Located in the district of Pauri – Garhwal (U.K.) , 55 K.m. away from the district headquarters and at a height of 6142 feet above the sea level, the college is away from the hustle of busy city life. The college is situated right within the lap of the nature and enjoys serene surroundings with rich flora – providing an overall ideal environment for all-round holistic development of the students.

 Late Rishi Ballabh Sundriyal Government Degree College Chaubattakhal (Pauri Garhwal ) U.K. was established on October 1979. Initially, the college offered undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Arts in Hindi, English, Geography, Political Science and Economics. Then in the year 2005, college started offering undergraduate degrees in the five disciplines of science namely, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics. Recently in 2021, the college has begun offering undergraduate courses in two new subjects – Sanskrit and History.



An atmosphere of inspired teaching and learning developing close bonds between the faculty and student community

Career Counseling

To support the students in the development of soft skills and communication ability to challenge the rigors of competitive tests and on-job-training in add-on or vocational courses.


The state government is endeavouring to identify all eligible students who want to pursue
higher education to meet their long-term carrier goals.

Extracurricular activities help students develop problem-solving skills.

Extracurricular Activities



One unit of NSS for boys and girls exists in the college. Under this regular activities and 07 days special camps are organised. Undergraduate students are required to get themselves registered in NSS.



Physical outdoor activity helps children build strength, focus, self-esteem, and endurance. It also allows them to develop social skills, learning to work together with their friends and peers.



As indoor games help improve our cognitive skills and reduce stress, they indirectly help us be better at our job. Many indoor games help to improve your awareness and consciousness.

Pick up the reins of your education

Study Material

learning pathways from different sources

Book Bank Facility

there is sufficient collection of 110 books


it is well stocked and collection consists of more than 12,000 books.


e-Granthalaya is A digital agenda for automation and networking of libraries.

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महाविद्यालय परिवार यही कामना करता है कि अध्ययनरत छात्र/छात्रा अध्ययन के पश्चात अपना भविष्य बेहत्तर बनाये और आदर्श नागरिक बनें। विज्ञान प्रोद्योगिकी के इस युग में महाविद्यालय की सूचनाएँ आसानी से उपलब्ध हो सकें, इसके लिए महाविद्यालय की वेबसाइट प्रस्तुत की जा रही है जिससे महाविद्यालय से सम्बन्धित समस्तं छात्र/छात्राएँ, लाभान्वित होगें।
प्रोo( डाo) डीo एसo नेगी

Folk dance, music and festivals

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities bring out the creative side of the students and the participation and organisation of these are the best learning experience a student can have. The history and culture of Uttarakhand are deeply connected with religion and celebrated everywhere.

Culture and Tradition



Folk Song